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About Us


The service of providing singles with significant others has grown substantially over the years. Introduction services are, after all, no longer only for the dateless and desperate, and are considered far more acceptable and mainstream. They have however, lost the personal approach along the way.

There are several online dating services that lack that one on one for a very personal emotional process. After working for Toronto’s leading Dating Service for several years it has become very apparent our niche market of Thirty plus is looking for that personal one on one approach in a relaxing discreet, safe and confidential manner with follow up after each and every introduction. The feedback is how we fine tune the process and make sure the next introduction is even better.

Passions and Potion’s advantage resides in its niche market of Thirty Plus singles all across Ontario. We have three different locations to offer personalized meetings convenient to all of our clients including our midtown Toronto location, a downtown location, and one in Mississauga. We offer exceptional quality customer service and a personalized warm approach second to none. Due to our concentrated Thirty Plus market we will be able to offer a traditional approach to the matchmaking industry. We cater to our member’s precise standards and this will always remain our top priority.

Struggling from the winter blues! Too cold and stormy to get to where you would really like to go?

We make it easy for you! We are happy to come to your home and meet with you! It gives us the opportunity to get to know you and how you live and what is important to you! Your home tells us a lot about you! We offer home visits seven days a week! Looking forward to meeting with you soon!